Supporting local

At Mackenzie + Co we value local and make a point of supporting home grown businesses.

With each photo uploaded to Instagram and every FaceTime from overseas the world of business is growing rapidly but that doesn’t mean services need to become impersonal and disconnected. When you want to speak to a real person either face-to-face or on the phone or you need your complicated business or family situation to be understood, Mackenzie + Co can help you.

We do the work here, we don’t outsource. The accounting industry is under increasing pressure to provide more services for lower fees and this is causing many local firms to send administrative and accounting functions offshore. We are proud to still be providing local services here in Geelong.

How do we support Geelong?

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of local small businesses and employed local staff for the past 30 years.
  • We recommend a local financial planner, Barwon Financial Planning.
  • The website developer (Ondetto), graphic designer (Indie Lime) and photographer (Mary Thompson) for our website are all Geelong-based small businesses.
  • Our companies and trusts are set up with ACTS (Harwood Andrews) in Geelong.
  • For our Self-Managed Super Funds we use the services of local auditor Marg Leigh.
  • Many of our suppliers are also valued clients of the firm.
  • We support Give Where You Live (Geelong) via workplace giving and in a voluntary capacity.

We believe this is a major point of difference between the services you receive from Mackenzie + Co and other accountants.

We proudly support local and we hope you will too!