Health Update

We are letting our clients and associates know that Ross will be taking a few weeks leave from the 14th of March as he is having surgery for prostate cancer.

While cancer is never a good word to hear, the outlook for Ross is very good, as the cancer was discovered at an early stage. Ross was proactive and asked his doctor for the PSA blood test, and then asked for a referral to a urologist to discuss the raised PSA results and have further scans. He had no symptoms and could have stuck his head in the sand about this one, but we are very grateful that he asked to see a specialist and is getting the right treatment before the cancer became too large or spread elsewhere.

Men are known for being rather disinterested in their own health, but Ross’s diagnosis shows what can happen if you take responsibility for your health and act on results. Ross wants men of a similar age to be proactive when it comes to their health, to not ignore health issues – you can make an appointment with your doctor today to have this simple blood test.

And if this post makes you think of your dad or partner or brother then discuss it with them, encourage them to go to the doctor and get tested. If Ross had waited until symptoms appeared it may have been too late – early detection is key.

We wish Ross well with his surgery and hope for a speedy recovery. Ross’s clients will of course be well looked after by the other accountants in the office, in consultation with Ross as needed. Daniel will be in charge in Ross’s absence.


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